Where is he ? Here he is !

Casper Mikkelsen’s Home Sweet Home

38 Fynsvej St., 6000 Kolding, Denmark

Mikkelsen’s ability to travel on stolen money has now been seriously curtailed. It doesn’t matter where he goes, someone could recognize him, and he should know there are a lot of pissed off people who are looking forward to meeting up with him personally.

The odds of him repeating this fraud under another name are quite high. It appears he has been doing this for the past 10 years, and the GNTFX fraud was his most successful yet.

The reality is, when someone sits back and plans a fraud of this depth, it is very difficult for innocent people to detect a wickedness of this nature. In any event, he must be stopped from doing this again.

A complete copy of the Investigative Report completed by Hudson Intelligence is being delivered to the CFTC, SEC, FBI, the Danish FSA Office of Investor Protection and the Colorado Division of Securities.

An Interpol ‘Red Notice’ could also be issued after an indictment and arrest warrant is filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, or by corresponding prosecutors in Denmark, with Interpol.

Casper Mikkelsen (now Muller) has been travelling First Class around the world with his girlfriend, Maibrit Muller. He was given until December 18, 2017 to return our funds, but instead of responding, it seems he has disappeared.

The reality is, as soon as his family and friends become aware of this website, he’s going to lie through his teeth that this a all a misunderstanding, all these stories are false and he never did anything documented here. But he did do it, he did ALL OF IT!!!

We’re going to look at adding to this website, documenting emails sent form him that were ultimately determined to be full of lies and deceptions.

In the meantime, feel free to contact this lowlife at the following email address and phone number. I’m sure he would LOVE to hear from you.

Email address for family & friends: CasperMikkelsen@gmail.com

His home telephone number: +45-28-72-52-76

His personal website travel blog: www.LaptopLiving.dk

Let’s not forget family and friends who deserve to know Casper Mikkelsen more intimately. Please feel free to contact them and let them know what you think of their wealthy relative and friend:

Don’t worry Casper, there will be more to come. Your days of stealing people’s money and living the good life are over.

As someone said, “Three hots and a cot are way too good for that thief.”



If any friends or family members have any doubts that Casper stole over $10,000,000 from unsuspecting clients, take a look at this fraudulent passport supplied to us in 2016 by Casper Mikkelsen, identifying himself as someone named Carsten Nielsen. But the passport is fraudulent.

Mikkelsen will lie through his teeth to everyone he knows, particularly his family, to save face and explain his way out of this. But the reality is, he is a liar and a thief who stole from hundreds of people and caused immeasurable suffering.

Casper Mikkelsen a/k/a/ Brian Thomson a/k/a Carsten Nielsen

Home of the Casper Mikkelsen con-artist