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Last Wednesday, Carsten Nielsen also known as Brian Thomson, sent out an email to all GNTFX clients announcing the following:

  • He was filing a lawsuit against GNTFX
  • The lawsuit will cost $30,000 to $50,000
  • Brian / Carsten will personally cover the cost of the lawsuit, even though he has claimed to us he is broke
  • He invites everyone to join him in the lawsuit for free.
  • His email is below. Please note that he did not sign the email. He probably didn’t know what name to use to sign it.

I am not alone in my suspicions that Carsten Nielsen is complicit with GNTFX in this fraud.

  • Brian Thomson is a sloppy record keeper. He was a poor communicator who did not answer emails.
  • As a sloppy record keeper, he didn’t have a database of client email addresses.
  • He sent out the mass email below to all GNTFX clients.
  • The only way he could get the complete database is if GNTFX sent him the database, which begs the question:
  • Why would GNTFX send him the database? To make it easier for him to sue them? … Not !!!

Before you read the email from Brian / Carsten below, please take a look at this email I received from one of Brian’s clients two nights ago:

Sep 12, 11:44 +07


Please send me my USD 400,000 that were in my various accounts including the ones I opened under FXTurtletrader.

I have included Brian (false name) since it is clear from my experiences (see some emails below) that both of you were one scheme to defraud people. Over one year you refused to send me or my family members withdrawals claiming American banks were having challenges to send money to African banks.You say you have sent money then we wait for months. Nothing comes.

You even proposed I open a Dubai account as you had even sent USD 200,000 to someone there. I wasted money to fly there and open an account. Once it was setup you told me my account had open trades and I could not withdraw then you referred me to the trader as you call him.

Brian told me to give him some time to recover the account by clearing open trades to profitability. After a month he told me the accounts were on tract to recovery and give them one month, then i can withdraw.

in the third month i grew suspicious it was a lie and I asked you to close the open positions I withdraw what was there. An account with usd 400,000 you told me it had usd 2000 after closing the open positions. You have refused to send me even that usd 2000. You and Brian were lying to me all that time to buy time.

My 7 family members had separate accounts with you. You told each of them they had open positions as well. My brother had an account with usd 50,000 after closing open positions it was usd 3,000. Even more than my account that had USD 400,000. You refused to tell me balance of my other accounts. Now you have gone quiet.

I also purchased Flipsidefx indicator from Carsten and you have totally misrepresented it when selling it. It also proves your trades were not real.

Kindly Carsten and GNTFX refund my usd 400,000. My other family members and colleagues request the same.

I also request Mr. Richard Cliche to include me in his petition. He sounds like he is in a predicament just like us. I received your email Brian, GNTFX  and related parties will pay heavily for the fraud. Both by God and here on earth.

Regards Moses

Now here is Brians’s email, unedited.

----- Original message -----



Subject: GNTFX - FlipsideFx - Update

Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2017 19:36:23 -0400

Dear traders on the FlipsideFx trading system

As you might already know we are having issues making withdrawal from the broker GNTFX. The problem started back in the end of April / beginning of May where I received reports from clients that had delays on their withdrawal requests. I contacted GNTFX and I was told that it was due to a frozen bank account and it would all be fixed in about 2 weeks. The 2 weeks passed and we still had issues.

At my next contact with GNTFX I was told that the issue was due to GNTFX’s liquidity provider IronFx didn’t process the withdrawals requested by GNTFX but they were working on a solution and asked us to be patient. Well that patience is now run out since it’s been almost 5 months and we are still not able to process withdrawals. I told GNTFX that I will process a lawsuit against them if they didn’t process with the withdrawals.

I am inviting you all to join me for the lawsuit so we can see where all the money has gone. A lawsuit like this will costs $30,000 - $50,000 according to my lawyer but I am inviting you all to join it for free. I will cover the costs for the lawyers on my own. I recommended you to trade with GNTFX and I will make it all right again. To join reply to this e-mail and tell me when you started trading and how much your initial deposit was. This is information that we will need as our first goal is to get your initial deposit back.

You might have heard a lot of stuff about me as a person from Richard Cliche. I saw Richard as one of my friends and we worked together to raise money for the trading at GNTFX. Unfortunately, Richard have decided to turn against me and post all kind of crap on his web site with no proof at all. He claims for example that I own for $1,2 million of Bitcoins (where did he get that number!?!) (Actually, you told Nancy and I that you had $600K in Bitcoins. Bitcoin was trading at $2000 each and today it is over $5,000. Don’t you remember? That was back at the end of May when you attended a Bitcoin conference in New York City) and that I have a secret Swiss bank account where I take clients deposits amount many other accusations that have no truth in it (I think I should probably post a PDF copy of that $2,000 deposit that you took under one of your many aliases. That deposit was under the fraudulent name Casper Nikkelson with a bank account in Switzerland) He have gone so far that he have even posted a picture of my passport on his web site which is highly illegal and I could sue him just for that! (Oh, please do !!! Under what name will you filing the lawsuit?)

Richard also made a lot of money raising funds for GNTFX (Well I didn’t do it all for free, but remember, you were the one who offered to share with me the commissions you earned from any clients I referred to you. Anything I did earn was in my trading account when you and GNTFX stopped sending out withdrawals, so I guess I did do it for free) and by recommending clients he is having a legal responsibility for the clients. The reality is that investors could sue him for their losses as he has been acting as an investment advisor with no license to do so. That’s illegal in Canada where he lives and he is trying to get away from that by putting the blame on me. (Sometimes Carsten, you really piss me off. You copied that verbatim from a post by a Troll on the FPA website. Let me enlighten you how it really works here in Canada: Canada does not have federal laws regarding financial regulations and requirements. All financial regulations are actually governed by the individual provinces and territories. No licence is required if someone is not taking deposits from clients or holding client funds. Please check with your lawyer on this, but don’t forget to tell him that is exactly what you did under one of your aliases)

The truth is that the blame should not be on Richard nor on anyone else that raised money for GNTFX but on GNTFX itself as they are the one that don’t do the withdrawals of our earnings.

I am sad that it has all come so far but hopefully we should be able to recover our money. My lawyer have already made some good process in down some of the funds and some clients have already got their deposits back. (Actually, only one person has received their funds, and that was a banker friend of Carsten’s who somehow finagled the bank in Colorado to send him back his funds. Not one other client has received anything. I can publish his email co me confirming this.)

Hope you want to join me!


And that is just a part of it. I will be sending a personal email in the next 24 hours to all clients whose email addresses I have in my database. I’ll be including additional information that I cannot disclose on this public website.

If you do not receive the email, please email me and I will include you in future emails.

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